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Holiday Decorating Tips – CTV News at Noon

A huge thank you to Lynda Steele and the whole crew at CTV for such a fun day sharing some of our tips for decorating for the season! Here is a link to the video clip… We’ll upload it to a blog post soon…

Decorating for the holidays should be fun! It’s a chance for all of us to go a little over the top – because it’s temporary we don’t have to live with it forever. We tend to host and entertain a lot more over the holidays so we like to spice up our homes a bit. This year try to do something unusual and show it off to your friends.

We do our best to limit the amount of waste and make sensible choices to reuse and recycle as many of the materials as possible – we limit our carbon footprint and actually save a bit of cash… Here are our top four tips for holiday decorating:

1. Go Natural

Branches, twigs, cedar boughs, flowers are the greenest decorations we can choose. You can ask a gardener or landscaper for anything they might be taking to the mulch pile… We used red dogwood branches to make the shape of a traditional tree – at Lynn Steven’s boutique we curved it around the change room (made of paperback books) to save space but still make a huge impact. Twigs look amazing on their own, simply by adding some little white lights like we’ve done at Roden Gray the past two years. Choose anything grown close to home and you’re not only being contextually relevant (big words, but one of our mantras) but your minimizing your carbon footprint. Magnolia branches are seasonal now and will get even better when they start blooming.

2. Re-Usable Materials

Choose materials that can be re-used or recycled. Food, like fruit, chocolate, even cheese looks amazing on a beautiful platter or in a big bowl. Make a tree out of boxes, or a cone-shapped roll of paper like the Scandinavians do. Last year we made an upside down tree to hang from the ceiling at L’Abattoir – after the holidays the boxes went to a friend whose charity filled them with shoes and sent them to Africa and we’re reusing the ribbon for projects this year. The beer can wreath at Sea Monstr Sushi was easily recyclable, even though they chose to keep it up year round.

3. Setting the mood

Playing host and entertaining is a huge part of the holidays so it’s always fun to make our homes as inviting as possible. One of the biggest items we overlook is lighting. Lights from trees, wreaths and garlands give us that warm, cozy feeling because the light is soft and usually at eye level. Use the same principle and add a glowing table or floor lamp to warm up a dark corner since glowing lamps give us a similar comforting feeling as a fireplace or candle. The trick is to put them on dimmers and fit them with the new LED dimmable light bulbs that have that same soft light and flexibility as the old incandescent bulbs.

4. Thinking beyond the holidays

Since budgets for most of us have a limit invest in quality items you can use for the holidays and beyond. Bowls, platters, cutting boards are used any time you entertain. Wool pillows and throws are incredibly cozy and since we’re in Canada, we can use them for a big chunk of the year. Warm metals like gold, brushed brass and copper have become incredibly popular – group items like bowls and candle holders together for the holidays and then use them in separate parts of your home for the rest of the year.



Lighting : Tosca table lamp by Foscarini from Lightform; Excell Desk Lamp by Roll & Hill from Lightform

Accessories: Apartment Throw by Teixidors from Provide; Glasglow Throw by Linen Way from Provide; Oxford Throw in Charcoal by Linen Way from Provide; Montgomery Throw by Missoni from Provide; Small Jax Pillow by Charlene Mullen from Provide; Merino Wool Felt Woody Bag by Daff from Provide; Culina Paddle Walnut Cutting Board by Geoffry Lilge from Provide; Green Handwoven Cushion by Zuzunaga from Provide; Glasglow Throw by Linen Way from Provide; Oxford Throw in Charcoal by Linen Way from Provide; Carousel Cushion by Judy Ross from Provide; Resin Shallow Bowl in New Gold by Martha Sturdy from Provide; Resin Holder in New Gold by Martha Sturdy from Provide; Square Brass Landern by Martha Sturdy from Provide; Bowls by Loyal Loot from Provide; Classic Candles by Cire Trudon from Provide; Felt Placemats, Coasters & Ornaments by Daff from Provide; Cutting Boards by Stinson Studios from Provide; Linen Napkin by Fog Linen from Provide; Fruit Bowl by Ekobo from Provide

Installations: Beer can wreath at Sea Monstr Sushi; Dogwood branch tree at Lynn Steven; Plum tree arch at Roden Gray (2011); Beech tree garland at Roden Gray (2012); Upside down holiday tree from craft-paper boxes at L’Abattoir (2011); Beer can wreath at Sea Montr Sushi; Multi-bulb wreath at Six Acres.



Video – Lighting Tips

Internship – Decorate Gastown 2012

Falken Reynolds is looking for a few good design interns to make the season bright.

Download a pdf of the details and how to apply:

Internship Decorate Gastown 2012 Job Description