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DesignTip : Grouping

A favourite chair should be paired with two essentials: a table (to hold a drink) and a lamp (for reading old-fashioned periodicals). “The grouping” is one of the most fundamental design tricks in the book when making a sitting spot both functional and comfortable. The fun part is sorting through the infinite possibilities for a combination as unique as each client’s personality, like our muse for this Gastown Loft.

Design Tip : On Design

Design can be seductive. The bathroom is often the place we go to escape, relax and recharge so we used this Spoon XL tub from Agape in our bachelor pad project to create a spa- like feeling of quiet. While it functions as a tub , it doubles as a sensual sculpture – it’s simple form and minimal surroundings are calming to the eye. It is the centrepiece of the loft’s private spaces, tempting us to unplug and unwind.

Design Tip : Personality

Let your personality be the guide when mixing old and new. Our client wanted a casual French Country look in our Selkirk Estate project – sophisticated enough for the Shaughnessy address but durable enough for the grandkids. We started with a 400 year old table, a patchwork rug made from salvaged Turkish carpets and reclaimed wood coffee table. To give the room the fresh airy feeling of the countryside, we complimented them with modern Gervasoni chairs, bespoke sofas and a 1940’s jielde floor lamp, all in subtle neutrals to give the historical pieces a bit more punch.