About Falken Reynolds

Falken Reynolds is a Vancouver-based interior design practice. Our work centres on private homes and extends to retail, hospitality and product design. With a global perspective and a highly personal approach, we create inviting spaces shaped by the distinct lives and experiences of our clients.

Clean lines, craftsmanship and considered details are our hallmarks. We design environments to exude quiet confidence; a feeling achieved through a balance of seemingly disparate qualities—modernity and warmth, richness and restraint, sophistication and levity, intentionality and surprise.

We are deeply curious about each client—their culture, values, communities, travels. Exploring their story is how we discover the voice of each project, and translate it into an intimate and authentic home. Our clients embrace this inquisitive approach for the personality it brings into their daily spaces.


About Chad & Kelly

The curiosity comes out of our own idiosyncratic paths to design. One of us grew up on a prairie farm in Alberta and spent time as a cowboy in Texas before becoming a graduate of finance, teacher in Lithuania and design student in Spain (Chad Falkenberg). While the other saw the world as a sailor in the Royal Canadian Navy, with a stint as an officer with Vancouver Police Department, only to jump back into travel with airlines and hotels before settling on design school in Vancouver (Kelly Reynolds). While our stories are different, our values are shared, bringing us together as partners in life in 2006, design collaborators in 2009 and principals of Falken Reynolds in 2012.

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