Chad Falkenberg



Chad Falkenberg took a Steinbeck-esque road to design. Having been introduced to it amidst his farm boy upbringing in Alberta, he vividly recalls the architect’s cardboard models of their new farm house and the stacks of fabric samples his family’s interior designer friend kept in the basement. He left the homestead to acquire a degree in business then moved abroad. Working and travelling in Northern Europe exposed him to the region’s more ordered architecture and design, exemplified by the simplicity of Scandinavian designers like Arne Jacobsen. While living in Barcelona to attend Instituto Europeo di Design, he explored Southern Europe’s whimsical aesthetic as typified by Antonio Gaudi. In 2007, Chad returned to Vancouver and apprenticed with acclaimed designer Robert Bailey. This vast array of physical addresses and cultural experiences has made him fluent in the language of design.


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