Kelly Reynolds



Kelly Reynolds admires risk takers, and he too is no stranger to charting unconventional courses. Before becoming a designer he served the Royal Canadian Navy and Vancouver Police Department. All those shore leaves spent admiring architecture and design in various ports of call hinted at the career he was meant to have. But even further back, as a young boy he remembers pondering the design of things, like how the seatbelt that always cut into his neck should be rethought. Encouraged by an acquaintance who could see his latent talent, he enrolled in Interior Design at the British Columbia Institute of Technology before co-founding a design firm. After three successful years, he launched his namesake company in 2010. Kelly is fueled by a desire to give his clients what they’ve always wanted, but didn’t know how to get. Frequent travels—he finds a myriad of cities and climates inspiring—keep his mind open and perspective fresh.


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