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Design Tip: Creating Zones

The ensuite at our Aspen Drive project was designed for a couple with an active lifestyle, who are more interested in spending time outside in Whistler than waiting for their turn in the bathroom. The walk in shower, floating vanity and toilet room each have their own zone so two people can go through their morning (or apre ski) routine without stumbling over each other. And a calming spa-like palette helps remind them they’re far away from the city.

Design Tip: Smart Showers

The happiest shower remembers your favourite temperature – and has a separate temperature control (and rain-head) for your spouse.

String Light From Flos

One of our favourite elements in the powder room at our Beatty Street Loft project is the String Light from Flos that dims by simply touching the cord.

Design Tip: Double Duty

The brief for our MacDonald Park project called for a minimalist approach to hardware and handles so we designed the centre drawer for this vanity with a double purpose – maximum storage behind and a niche for the hand towel bar. When it slides all the way back the drawer sits flush so that even the hand towel stays out of the way for this young and active family.

Design Tip : Double Duty

A 1/4″ steel frame around the vanity mirror at our Aspen Drive project doubles a s a shelf. For the client’s vacation property it was important to have easy access to the contents of a toiletries bag, but without cluttering up the countertop.

Design Tip Tuesday : Quality

A good faucet is like a good handshake: it conveys welcome, trust and confidence through our sense of touch. the lever on this one in our colourful condo project is perfectly smooth and solid – you can actually feel the german engineering. Our experience is that quality design and materials have a positive correlation to the longevity of plumbing fixtures that gets used as regularly as the sink faucet – so an investment today means a lot less leaky faucets in the future.

Design Tip : On Design

Design can be seductive. The bathroom is often the place we go to escape, relax and recharge so we used this Spoon XL tub from Agape in our bachelor pad project to create a spa- like feeling of quiet. While it functions as a tub , it doubles as a sensual sculpture – it’s simple form and minimal surroundings are calming to the eye. It is the centrepiece of the loft’s private spaces, tempting us to unplug and unwind.