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Strong & Quiet

The kitchen millwork at our Beatty Street Loft project needed to be strong but also refined and quiet. We used a dead flat finish on brushed american walnut to achieve a more muted hue and finished it with matte black hardware brought in from the Netherlands.

Design Tip : Consistency

A home tells many stories, but they should be from the same book.

Our clients at this heather park residence have decidedly modern aesthetic even though the home they purchased was recently renovated in the craftsman style. Unfortunately, that reno included a monolithic contemporary fireplace ( before photo on our Facebook page)that just didn’t fit with the craftsman house or the modern furniture we are about to install.So we designed this craftsman fireplace to fade quietly into the background. the millwork matches wainscotting and the marble echoes a new pastry island in the adjacent kitchen. Now the house has a single historical narrative, so the new residents can start telling their own story.